In today’s time and date when technology has greatly evolved it is essential to stay updated with recent trends. The need for local Search Engine Optimization is a necessity for all kinds of businesses, something of a trend which one has to keep up with. Local SEO is becoming an essential part of every business; it not only ensures success but helps in keeping the business in vogue across various search engines. To put it in a nutshell local SEO helps prospective customers in finding information about companies or business ventures near their location or pertaining to the kind of services they are looking for. This helps in a better customer outreach which is beneficial for business expansion.
With the increased usage of smart phones, local SEO too has grown significantly over the last few years. This is mainly because many use search engines on their phones to find the local cafe, bar or ATM near their location and since local SEO’s main focus is to show results near ones location it supplements a smart phones usage.
Local SEO is extremely helpful when potential customers may have heard of your company or about your business but do not have the phone number or email address to establish contact. Sometimes customers may be looking for a special type of service but may not have a company in mind; local SEO not only helps in providing with good options but helps the search engines find businesses. It connects the consumer/customer with the ideal company i.e. somewhere near the customer’s location.
It is extremely important for a company to adopt best SEO practices i.e. to provide clear information on the company website pertaining to contact details and most importantly the services being provided. Without local SEO the company website page will not rank high enough in the search results, making it harder for people to know about the company, hence it is important to invest in local SEO if one wants to compete in the market.

Google Panda 4.1 – The vicious 27th Panda Update

googlepandaGoogle Panda 4.1 – Points Based Algometric System
Earlier this day, Google started rolling out the most anticipated algorithmic update, the Google Panda 4.1, although it was Panda 5.0 that almost everyone expected. So what could be the impact of this new update? Would it boost the websites who write of loyalty or those who possess loyalty? No matter what, with the roll out of Google Panda, webmasters are awestruck and wondering what this mighty beast could have for us all.

Google Panda 4.1 algometric update is designed to penalize websites comprising of poor and thin contents.

How Google uncovers the Good, the Bad and Penalizes the bad?

When Google rolled out Google Panda 4.0, almost 7.5% of English queries on the Google Search had tremendous impact, accumulating lots of websites to its fall. Websites that made the reasonable changes can expect a drastic boost in traffic, but for those who are new to the online realm can obviously witness a downfall, if not now then later, unless they follow the Google guidelines.

Google categorizes the good based on the Behavioral phenomenon of users towards a desired website of their choice. If a user searches for a query and lands on a page that is not relevant or unfavorable to his query or need, he/she will bounce back. Each of these bounces will add to the loss of the website’s rankings by 1, and if the website is favorable then it adds to its rankings by 1. Points Based Algometric System is the insightful concept behind the ranking system of Google that is technically crafted based on several factors.

These bounces happen due to poor quality of contents/articles or due to poor keyword research. Hence any websites that fall under this category can expect a steep drop in traffic in the near days to come and Panda 4.1 is sure to mercilessly penalize any websites that stumbles on its way.

Google Panda Penalty opens door to several websites to revoke from the hit. Some possible solution to this is to optimize the website with high quality contents. Panda will devour on Plagiarism! So beware and use unique & fresh contents. Best advisable to have a minimum of 300 words on articles posted on websites, which will in turn add to the benefit of your website and for serving users with high quality information. This will as well alleviate the bounce ratio of your websites.

Panda 4.1 is Google’s 27th Panda Update designed with a motive on Redefining Quality!

Let’s see what Google’s Pierre Far, Webmaster Trends Analyst said earlier this day about Google Panda 4.1 on Google +


Bottom Line

Although Google is on the process of rolling out the Panda update, we can’t precisely measure the traffic of our websites. We may witness constant surges in traffic until Panda takes its toll on websites worldwide. But until then, it’s always advisable to patch up your websites and keep it fresh & updated to the standards of Google. Emphasize of high quality contents and be spared by the ugly penalties of Panda!


All of us know how important SEO is for our websites, but very few people know the factors that affect the search engine optimisation. Of course content was the king and it still tops the priority chart, but there are other factors too which are proved crucial for the SEO.

According to the Searchmetrics, content is the king, but user signals are crucial too. In the SEO ranking factors 2014 released by Searchmetrics, there are a few factors that play important role in improving the page rank, which we were unaware of! So, now let us have a look at the factors and also at how they contribute in taking our websites to page one of the Google search…

  1. Technology: Before we go into the content or other factors, the website itself should be proper. Everything should be taken care of, right from the proper navigation, site structure and short loading times to using relevant Meta tags and keeping the site up to date. Once you design and develop perfect website, you can look up to other factors.
  2. Relevant Content: As all of us know, content is the king; you should know what type of content we are talking about here. Well, it should be relevant as well as plagiarism free. Only the fresh and relevant content contributes in taking your website to page one.
  3. Keywords: The keywords that are searched the most by the users should be used in not only the description, but also in the title. Of course, it improves the rankings. However, it is advisable to avoid keyword stuffing.
  4. Quality Backlinks: As far as off page SEO is concerned, the Backlinks are one of the most important factors that contribute in rankings. However, when it comes to Backlinks, give importance to quality, rather the quantity. Of course, the on page technology SEO is also equally important.
  5. Social signals: The top URLs have more likes, comments as well as shares. Like, Facebook ranks number one; then the other websites follow; like Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.
  6. User signals: For the first time, it was measured and observed that the user signals are also included among the factors that improve ranking. There is relation between rankings and high click through rates.


Don’t design Perfect but also the Right website!

Fighting online presence dominance for the specific online market is nowadays sport people play.

To dominate in the specific targeted market of the business, your website has to be effective to target their market. It should just not only be perfect but also right one for your business. Website should have a look and feel that will give off a sense of security with the promising follow up procedure to ensure visitors’ trust.

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SEO services are as important as having a good web site design. The actual launching of the website can be termed as placing it at positions from where the search engines can easily find the website. Success of any website can be counted as its ROI for which the site should have a heavy traffic flow. This can be ensured when you hire seo consultants who have a proven track record of successful clients. Read more

Mobile devices are not limited to calls and text messages these days. There has been noted a steady increase in the internet surfers from mobile device. With technology linking sites to maps, users find it easy and convenient to search their needs while on the go. This makes it easy for business’s to cater at different levels and expand their business. Read more

It’s imperative that web designers and developers learn optimal development and design practices for mobile devices. Not everything shown on a PC site can fit reasonably onto a mobile web page, where space is short and every pixel counts. It’s important to reduce the amount of content shown on the mobile-optimized version. You will need to look at mobile website design in a new way, one that is decidedly more restrictive than designed for standard browsers. To work around the issues that mobile site design presents, and to get a result that is as user-friendly and useful as your standard site, some creative problem-solving skills are required. Read more

Any website that offers online buying-selling or booking options is categorised under the ecommerce websites. E-commerce is business in the online environment. Here all transactions, deals take place over the internet.

Your ecommerce site is your online store like the traditional stores where in people come, go through the products, buy and leave. But an ecommerce website design provides back-end facility to the owners where they can log in and find out about other orders and can manage products easily. Read more